Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thoughts on a Hoth event for Gateway 2013

In just a few weeks we will be hitting Gamex with our Corellian Corvette Event. Since we are down to the wire here and have one more playtest before we open it up to the masses, it's time to look towards the future.

With that in mind we have made some steps towards getting a Hoth Event together. How are we going to do that you say?  Well it started here.

Mounted on Corsec Bases these T-47 Airspeeders will be the first line of defense for the Rebels on Hoth. We have some basic ideas on what we want to do with stats (see scenario sheets below) but really need to get some time on the table to make sure we have the balance right.

On the ground, the Empire brings some big guns.

These All Terrain Armored Transports and All Terrain Scout Transports, better known as AT-AT's and AT-ST's make their landing on Hoth and are tasked with taking out the Shield Generator protecting the Rebel Ion Cannon.

We will be mounting the ST's on these Litko bases.  They don't really stand well without some support and its just easier to have the base there for range purposes and the guides for movement.

But the Battle of Hoth was not simply a ground based engagement. The Imperials suffered an embarrassing loss by allowing the GR-75 Rebel Transports off planet. Speaking of GR-75s.

We are going to take this on as three separate games.  First the Rebels will try to intercept Imperial Probe Droids searching for the position of the Power Generator.

Click here to get the full doc from Google Docs!

Then the battle moves on when the AT-AT's land to assault Eco Base!

Click here to get the full doc from Google Docs!

Finally the last transports are away and the Imperials try to tighten the net.

Click here to get the full doc from Google Docs!

We have a lot of work ahead to make sure everything is smooth for the game, but we are looking forward to September and getting all of these scenarios off the ground.

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