Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Second part of the story leading to the Corellian Corvette Event at Gamex

The general’s time was important. Too many forms to sign, too many approvals to give, and too many administrative assistants always getting in the way. The CO and XO of the Raiders walked in to General Dodonna’s office confidently, saluted and stood at attention until they were addressed.

The general nodded and directed them to the seats in front of his desk. “At ease gentlemen. Break down the information for me.” Kyan and Zeb sat down and pushed a series of data pads over. The older and more battle worn gentleman from Commenor, looked curiously at the information provided on the data pads.

“Sir, the Raiders really appreciate you taking your time to take a look at our action plan. As you can see, my XO had the opportunity to touch base with Rogue’s CO and Admiral Ackbar to greenlight our operation. They suggested that we speak with you and that you may have some valuable insight.”

Kyan looked over at Zeb and nodded. The young Major chimed in. “Sir, we understand that you have expertise in siege and capture tactics which may come in handy.” The General fanned out the data pads on his desk, his dark brown eyes starting at the analytical data carefully.

Soft but carefully placed, “Intel has it that Governor Harn, a former resident of Corellia, has been acting paranoid after ABE (After the Battle of Endor) and his move is a direct correlation with his new orders.”

Zeb straightened out his uniform. “General that is correct. The Empire is consolidating their forces around key strategic areas and resources, mainly bacta. Knowing that the people of Corellia are starting to lean towards the Alliance, Governor Harn saw the inevitable change and made a preemptive move back towards Coruscant and what remains of Imperial Intelligence.”

General Dodonna smiled and stroked his aging beard. “Have you anticipated other Imperial movement in the sector? It’s hard to believe that the good governor would be jumping in just with small number of escorts. I expect at least an honor guard of at least 3 or 4 Advanced Tie Fighters coming in with his personal transport and a full squadron of tie fighters from the surface. Also… with his sudden move from Correlia, he’ll most likely have Imperial Star Destroyer bringing up the rear. Gentleman, you only have a short time to get in and out before you get swarmed and overrun.”

Kyan leaned forward in his chair, “Sir, we've anticipated that we only have a short window to capture the corvette. We'll be using a mixed complement of X-Wing, A-Wing and Y-Wing fighters with proton torpedoes. We've requested for B-Wings but they were on assignment in the fight to push towards Coruscant. We're ready General.”

General Dodonna stood up from his desk. “Gather your men Colonel. We'll start mission briefings at 2100 hours.”

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