Saturday, April 6, 2013

Artemis Bridge Combat Simulator, probably one of the finest Nerdtertainment events I have experienced all year.

Earlier this year at Orccon I had the opportunity to play Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. To be honest, it was probably one of the best times I have had at any Con in a very long while.

Here's the scene.  I am minding my own business playing some NetRunner with a buddy of mine.  Mike from the +X2A team and head of the miniatures department comes down and says, "Whatever it is that you are doing, drop it and go up to the boardroom.  Just shut up, don't ask questions and meet me up there."

Usually Mike is the picture of stoicism so I guessed it was pretty important.  When I went up there I saw five laptops with different displays and a projector on the far wall showing what seemed like a spaceship of some  sort flying through, well.... space.

By each laptop was a placard that listed positions like Helm, Weapons, Science, Engineering and Communications.  If you are at all familiar with a certain TV show and/or series of movies called Star Trek, I think you might know where this is heading.  I planted my butt firmly in Sulu's position and we started a half hour scenario.  After a quick tutorial on how things worked it was up to us to defend the Deep Space Bases against the Torgoth Deep Space Force and other baddies.  Armed with Phasers, Homing Missiles, Mines, Nukes and our wits and lead by a Captain who could only see what was put up on the projector screen by his various crew members we destroyed wave after wave of attackers.

Here is a video of me as I decided to take the Captains Chair and a short interview with the chap running the whole shabang. Russel and I talk about what is required to play the game and all the details of what goes on when you play.

Rev3Games  also has this fun video of game play.

Russel will be bringing this game back for Gamex in May.  He will be running the game all four days of the convention, pretty much non-stop.  If you are at all interested in this great game come on down to the Sheraton Gateway at LAX and test your mettle.

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