Thursday, April 4, 2013

Story Behind the Corellian Corvette Scenario

It occurred to me that I posted a bunch of stuff on the mechanics of our Corellian Corvette game but failed to talk about the mission, objectives or story behind the whole thing.  I will correct that here.

A planet near the outer rim is now under Imperial Control.  The new planetary governor is en route to take his new post aboard a CR90 Corellian Corvette courier ship. Escorted by 4 hyperspace capable TIE Advanced fighters.

Rebel intelligence discovers where and when this vessel will arrive in system and decide try take the ship and the governor.

The rebels come in to take out the TIE Advanced.

After the X-Wings engage the Advanced, TIEs from the planet come up to ruin the rebels day, but Y-Wings also begin their attack run on the capital ship.

After the big fight a shuttle comes in to board the Corvette.  If the Rebel succeed we will be running an Edge of the Empire game and play out the boarding party finding the governor. But the rebels need to keep the TIEs off the shuttle.

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