Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flight Stands for X-Wing Miniatures

One of the things about X-Wing that makes me cautious is the fact that there a tons of bits to this game and losing  misplacing or simply swapping some of these bits is a real danger.  Losing a card, movement template or flight stand could really cripple your ability to play, especially in Tournament situations.

Recently I left a game and found that one of my flight stands was missing!  I contacted the people I played with and none of them seems to have an extra stand.  Needless to say I was pretty upset about the whole sitch.

I figured I could just go buy a replacement from Fantasy Flight and be on my merry way.  The bummer is that they don't seem to offer that option.  They do offer replacements for mispacks, but not for lost or damaged bases. So what's a geek to do? Go to Litko of course!

I have always had a good experience with Litko.  I first started shopping there for my Firestorm Armada stuff. Some say that they are a bit pricy, but I picked up the base for around $3 bucks, which wasn't all that bad.  I find the quality of the product to be superior and the tokens tend to add some really neat flair to the table.

Once I receive the actual base in a few days I will post a review.


I received my stand!

Here are my impressions.

Here is why. I had the same problem with this product as I did with Litko's Firestorm Armada bases.  Frankly they are exactly the same base except for the little nobbies at the ends for the X-Wing movement markers. The pole and the hole on the base are identical in size.  Which means that you pretty much have to take a mallet to the thing to get it to fit in all the way and if you don't, the rod will pop out in a few minutes. These tolerances are far to exact and it makes assembly frustrating.

Second of all, as you can see the top of the rod is completely round.  It comes with a small extension piece that I would assume connects to one of the rod pieces that come with an X-Wing model.  Then, since this came with no instructions mind you, I would assume that you clip the FF rod to the Litko rod and mount your model to all of that.

The area where the rod meets the base on the original flight stands have a larger flanged area that is supposed to hold the cardstock statistic counter on the bottom of the base.  Again the kit came with another small plastic piece I assume should be placed near the base to hold the counter on.  If that is the case its sized poorly and would do a less than adequate job of holding the counter in place.

All in all this is a poor substitute for the real thing.  Having seen the Corsec Engineering bases that come with Omni-stand rods seem like a much better choice all in all.

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