Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sedition Wars Interview

Last year we had a chance to check out a game called Sedition Wars by Studio McVey and Cool Mini or Not. At this point the Kickstarter had just taken off, but now its out for sale online and at your local retailer. Plus Ten to Awesome's own Mike James got into the Kickstarter deep and early.  I cannot say how much we love this game.

First of all the miniatures are fantastic. If you don't know Studio McVey and like fantastic sci-fi and fantasy art, you are missing out. They are one of the finest miniatures studios out there and they produced the miniatures for this game. Check these out.

Capt. Kara Black (Vanguard Faction)

Vokker Dargu (Firebrand Faction)

Phase 4 Heavy Exoform (Strain Faction)

These high quality plastic miniatures are easy to assemble, extremely detailed, have multiple poses and come with textured bases.

Secondly, the game has fast paced and tactical game play which mixes the best of miniature games like Warhammer and Descent. Creative objective based missions pit three factions against each other in a dystopian corporate controlled universe.

Here is the interview we had with Greg from Cool Mini or Not who demoed the game at Strategicon last year.  We talk about game play, background and details on how the partnership between Cool Mini or Not and Studio McVey.

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