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The story of the 42nd Tactical Wing, Ichiban's Raiders

42nd Tactical Wing, Ichiban’s Raiders

The Raiders are a squadron of 12 pilots that formed soon after the transformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire under Emperor Palpatine. Many of those in the squadron were in fact formerly members of the Grand Army of the Republic right before its transformation into the Imperial Army or right after the Sector Governance Decree was passed by the then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

The squadron started off as a group disaffected former Imperial officers who were disillusioned with shift in principals of their former government. Lieutenant Colonel Kyan Ichijyo, a former high ranking Imperial officer, his first officer Major Zebulon Akarimas, Lieutenant Zane Forest and Captain Baz Qieles resigned their commission after the bombardment and subsequent obliteration of all life on the peaceful planet of Caamas.

Moff Yates Fol aboard the Majestic did not take kindly to their resignation and protestation of a direct order from the Emperor. He had the dissenting officers arrested for treason. Immediately after their incarceration they were set for execution by firing squad.

Hon Paiv, one of the Bothan agents responsible for sabotaging the Caamasi planetary shields was immediately struck by the realization of what he had done to the Caamasi people. Lied to by the Empire and made to take part in what was effectively genocide, he hatched a plan to exact revenge on his former masters. Paiv single handedly orchestrated the escape of the imprisoned pilots and managed to smuggle them off the Majestic. Not without leaving Moff Fol a little present near the star destroyers solar ionization reactor which destroyed the flagship, covering their escape.

Living as Imperial citizens in exile, the four men and Bothan managed to gather a substantial war chest from Kyan’s family who were recently ordered to nationalize their starship production facility on Corellia. From there, they gathered together whatever material they could and fled to the outer rim and Hutt Space.

While in exile, they managed to fight their own guerilla war against the Empire using whatever means were at their disposal. Picking up pilots who, for various reasons had a grudge with the Empire the group grew to full squadron size quickly. They formally proclaimed themselves “Ichiban’s Raiders” after Lt. Col. Kyan “Ichiban” Ichiyo. Kyan picked up the nickname after the squadron helped a Nemodian trader retrieve a valuable load of foodstuffs which was confiscated by the Empire. Ichiban being the Nemodian word for “the highest in quality” the greatful merchant kept insisting that Kyan was “Ichiban!” for recovering his cargo and the squadron liked the sound of it. Not that Kyan ever agreed.

Flying everything from modified freighters, shuttles, Sienar Skipray Blastboats, Incom Z-95 Headhunters, TransGalMeg Ixiyen/ Rihkxyrk fighters and Sienar Tie series fighters, the pilots of the Raiders are rated to be some of the most versatile men in the galaxy when it comes to flight experience.

The group found notoriety and distinction not only as a starfighter squadron, but for several commando style operations they carried out during the first years of their organization. New members trained others in guerilla style tactics, demolitions, hand to hand combat and a variety of weapons. Often resorting to sabotage, infiltration and espionage, the group earned the ire of Imperial Governors and Moffs all over the Outer Rim region, giving them the nickname “Scourge of the Outer Rim” amongst Imperial intelligence. In fact, each member of the squadron has a price on their heads, which also attracts the attention of the galaxies Bounty Hunter organizations.

Soon after the battle of Yavin, the squadron formally joined the Rebel Alliance. The squadron was never fully trusted by their Alliance superiors because of its members individual past affiliations. Many times over, the 42nd Tactical Wing was given “suicide” missions that were deemed too dangerous for truly loyal members of the Alliance. Time and time again the Raiders would be able to pull off the improbable.

Squadron organization.

Alpha Flight (The Privateers)
Lt. Col. Kyan “Ichiban” Ichijyo
Capt. Baz “Assasin” Qieles
Lt. Arn “SST” Sandeen
Lt. Van “Gunslinger” Jaine

Beta Flight (The Buccaneers)
Maj. Zebulon “Zeb” Akarimas
Capt. Xriss “Dutchess” Mor
Lt. Axel “Chu’la” Xon
Lt. Vesten “Brick” Warcrof

Gamma Flight (The Outlanders)
Maj. Jayan “Spanner” Mako
Capt. Hon “Mullit” Paiv
Lt. Zane “Checkmate” Forest
Lt. Rish “Mud Bug” Kazon

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