Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mike "Dude" James is running an Open Tournament for X-Wing at Gamex!

Dude Here. Wanted to let you in on another X-Wing event at Gamex where you can play X-Wing till you drop and not have to bring a single TIE fighter to play.

Announcing the first Strategicon X-Wing Open Tournament!

This open format tournament will be played using Fantasy Flight's current tournament rules with a neat twist: You can play as often as you want. There will be three 4 hour sessions, and you are able to play as many games as you like, with your highest score going on the leaderboard Top three scores will finish in the dealer dollars. FF's rules can be found here. We also welcome new players and can teach you how to play and loan you a squadron to compete.

Tourney Specifics:

1. All matches will use the 100 point dogfight setup with 1 set of asteroids on a 3'x3' play area.

2. All matches will be 60 minutes.

3. You can play any other player as often as you want, and you do not need to use the same list every time.

4. Both players must fill out a game record sheet to be turned in upon completion of the game.

5. Currently available ships only.

6. Standings will be determined by the highest VP total you can get in a single game. The number of points that list is below 100 will be added as a bonus in the event of a tie as the first tiebreaker Fewest games is tiebreaker 2, and 1 game playoff would be tiebreaker 3.

7. The TO reserves the right to make changes if he deems necessary or missed some minor detail to keep things fair. This is the first run after all, and comments are always welcome at the Mini HQ.

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