Monday, May 6, 2013

X-Wing League Week 1 Results!

Week one of the Plus Ten to Awesome X-Wing League at Mercenary Market is done and boy what a great time!

Our league was evenly split evenly between Alliance and Empire.  We had

Paul Thomsen on the Rebel Alliance side and chose:
Garven Dreis
Biggs Darklighter
Tycho Celchu

Also fighting with the Rebels, Rick Roberts had a very straight forward list running:
Han Solo
Wedge Antilles

On the Imperial side we had John and Nicole Deshazer (with the very special help of pea in the pod Haley!)

Nicole chose:
Boba Fett
Winged Gundark
Mauler Mithel
Academy Pilot

John went with:
Darth Vader
Turr Phennir

Here are how all three rounds broke down:

Round 1

Paul Thomsen vs. John Deshazer
Paul: Points Destroyed 63, Points Lost 74 (Match Loss - 0)
John: Points Destroyed 74, Points Lost 63 (Modified Match Win - 3)

Rick Roberts vs. Nicole Deshazer
Nicole: Points Destroyed 0, Points Lost 88 (Match Loss - 0)
Rick: Points Destroyed 88, Points Lost 0 (Match Win - 5)

Round 2

Paul Thomsen vs. Nicole Deshazer
Paul: Points Destroyed 68, Points Lost 100 (Match Loss - 0)
Nicole: Points Destroyed 100, Points Lost 68 (Match Win - 5)

John Deshazer vs. Rick Roberts
John: Points Destroyed 40, Points Lost 99 (Match Loss - 0)
Rick: Points Destroyed 99, Points Lost 40 (Match Win - 5)

For our final round we had Rick with 8 Match Points and Nicole with 5 Match Points.  It was a classic battle between Boba Fett and Han Solo.  In their match, Wedge got caught in a fatal crossfire, leaving the Millenium Falcon unsupported against three TIEs and Boba Fett.

Round 3

Nicole Deshazer vs. Rick Roberts
Rick: Points Destroyed 44, Points Lost 100 (Match Loss - 0)
Nicole: Points Destroyed 100, Points Lost 44 (Match Win - 5)

Boba Fett pulls off a very close match as both ships were heavily damaged in the end and Han had an unfortunate run in with an asteroid.

Final Match Point Total:

Nicole Deshazer: 10
Rick Roberts: 8
Paul Thomsen: 5
John Deshazer: 3

These match points will be totalled after five weeks of play with the highest scorers facing off in our single elimination battle for League supremacy!

Check us out on Sundays at 2 p.m. at Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa.

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